Whicked Whims



What is this mod?

WickedWhims is a mod that offers animated woohoo and exhibitionism interactions.

This MOD was created by TURBODRIVER at loverslab.com, find out more here.

Features & Everything You Can Do:

  • Woohoo:
    • Starting woohoo interactions with one or two sims.
    • Inviting any amount of sims to the woohoo interaction.
    • Changing woohoo type and position at any point
    • Swaping sims in the woohoo interaction at any point
    • Making sims go away from watching woohoo of your sims
    • Undressing sims in the woohoo interaction (top/bottom/shoes)
    • Blocking of objects used for woohoo to avoid other sims using them
    • Settings
      • Ability to change interaction progression: category progression (random animations), stage progression, disabled
      • Ability to disable gender restrictions and use any animation for any gender
      • Ability to enable ‘Always Accept’ setting which makes every sim accept every woohoo proposition
      • Ability to enable/disable selected animations
      • Ability to change woohoo initiation and make sims instantly teleport to the woohoo location (requires Always Accept setting to be enabled)
      • Ability to disable taking off shoes when in woohoo interaction
      • Ability to enable auto full outfit undressing when in woohoo interaction
      • Ability to disable undressing when in woohoo interaction
    • Customization of woohoo positions: (for animators)
      • Modify woohoo position duration and genders
      • Specify locations of woohoo position (any objects/category of objects/floor)
      • Specify locations that are excluded from the woohoo position if category of objects includes it
      • Set which cloting should be removed for woohoo position
      • Set to force undressing of shoes
      • Create stages of woohoo positions to play them one by one
      • Define preferred gender of an actor if actor can be both genders
      • Apply custom height and facing angle offset to location of woohoo position
  • Exhibitionism:
    • Undressing top and/or bottom outfit parts
    • Undressing top and/or bottom underwear parts
    • Flashing naked body parts
    • Auto-applying penis mesh cas part for males when naked
    • Auto-undressing pants when using a toilet
    • Modification of privacy system to avoid uncomfortable situations when naked with high exhibitionism level
    • Male sims get erect when seeing other naked sims of preferred gender
    • Autonomy for exhibitionism actions depending on the level
    • Exhibitionism Skill:
      • Gain more confidence with every level and unlock more possibilities
      • Sim mood and traits affect how quick you progress
      • Higher levels of skill will not make you embarrassed and shoo other sims when taking shower, using toilet or just being nude
      • Improve your skill using additional special interactions (admire yourself in mirrors)
    • Story Progression:
      • Sims learn exhibitionism skill over time
    • Settings
      • Ability to disable exhibitionism checks (skill, autonomy, story progression)
      • Change autonomy settings
      • Change notifications settings
      • Change household only notifications settings
      • Change story progression settings